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Excellent safety: Prevent intrusion from the outside because it is difficult to cut through the PVB film, Dupont, even when the glass breaks, the debris still binds to the PVB membrane so the debris does not. fall down to endanger the person.

Ultraviolet (UV) barrier: Minimizes damage caused by ultraviolet rays thanks to PVB membrane which is able to minimize ultraviolet rays.

Soundproofing: Excellent sound control and noise reduction thanks to PVB membrane.


– glass walls and facade
– Doors and windows
– Glass shelter
– the roof glazed
– Handrail
– Escalators, elevators
– glass floor, swimming pool
– shower enclosure
– Car glass, train, boat
– Wooden furniture using glass


– Single glass thickness: 3mm ~ 19mm
– Film thickness PVB, Doupont: 0.38mm ~ 2.28mm
– Color of PVB Film, Dupont: In, white opaque, opaque, green, blue, gray, …
– Type of glass to be used: White glass, Stained glass, Reflective or Low-E glass, Low-iron glass, toughened glass, semi-tough glass, bending glass.
– Maximum machining size: 2440mm * 5000mm – Minimum machining size: 250mm * 300mm
– The size of the bending safety glass depends on the radius of the curve









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